V-Sharp XE Diamond Plates

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Fits the V-Sharp XE ONLY!

Available in 3 Diamond Grits:

  • 325 Grit – Red – Coarse (comes with sharpener)
  • 600 Grit – Green – Med
  • 1000 Grit – Blue – Fine

WHY different grits?

325 Grit is ideal for Kitchen, Pocket & Hunting knives
– leaves a toothy, micro-fine serration to cut though tomato skin or meats

600 Grit
 is ideal for Butchering, Taxidermy & Leatherwork
– smoothes the edge and removes minimal material from your blade

1000 Grit is for Custom knives & Taxidermy
– polishes the bevel and sharpens to a finer edge. similiar to a ceramic stick.


Please note: Only fits the V-Sharp XE. Both the 600 Grit and 1000 Grit produce smooth, fine, razor sharp edges. These smooth, fine edges dull more quickly and require more touch-ups. The 325 Grit that is installed in the V-SHARP® XE produces rough, toothy, cutting edges. 

The included Finishing Steels will get your knives to shaving sharp edges, but please remember that this edge is very delicate and will only last as your knife steel will allow.

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